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Business Strengths

Own-IP focused strategy:

A model that creates long-term partnerships with developers and supports them in seeking to create long-lasting IP which can be built into multi-game and multimedia franchises. 


of revenues from Own-IP

Strong Pipeline:

With over 30 titles scheduled for release in 2023 and beyond, the Company has its strongest pipeline ever.

Robust Back Catalogue:

Existing titles contributed 80% per cent. of revenue in 2023. tinyBuild has successfully extended the life cycle of its key titles over several years.



of revenues from back-catalogue

Differentiated positioning in the video gaming market:

A multimedia strategy for its leading franchises, expanding a game-based IP into books, TV, film, merchandise and more. 

Compelling benefits to developers:

tinyBuild offers the creative, technical, marketing and HR support that empowers its partners to develop popular games and attract first-class talent. 

Innovative marketing and tracking tools: 

Executing low cost yet high impact marketing campaigns, typically delivering strong engagement prior to a game’s release and utilising its relationships with over 10,000 verified social media influencers.


Strategically positioned to capture market growth through its 44 development partners across five continents, ensuring that it is poised to continue to take advantage of the growing global video games industry. 


Development partners

Digital-led with focus on premium gaming platforms: 

tinyBuild publishes games on all key PC, mobile, console and streaming platforms, including Steam (PC), Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Apple, Epic Games and Google Stadia.


Highly experienced Board and well-connected leadership team:

Executive Directors are well connected and prominent figures in the industry. The Board has extensive industry knowledge and capital markets experience. 

Strong financial record:

Revenue CAGR of 41% between 2017 and 2022. Generated $63 million revenues and $24 million Adjusted EBITDA, in the twelve months to December 2022.

Proven M&A origination, execution and integration:

Since 2013, tinyBuild has acqui-hired over ten development teams and also made strategic investments to further enhance its industry reach. 

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