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tinyBuild aims to drive growth organically and inorganically and will continue its low-risk M&A strategy to accelerate growth, whilst naturally accumulating IP through working with developers under its standard partnership agreement.

tinyBuild’s strategy focuses on the following four areas:

1. Leveraging existing partnerships and in-house developers

tinyBuild will continue to increase the quality of the Company’s pipeline, together with successfully commercialising its existing pipeline of 23 games in 2021 and 2022.


It will also continue to accumulate IP by working with developers under its standard partnership agreement, enabling investments to be made to increase IP lifespan and resulting potential financial reward through the franchise and multimedia strategy.


tinyBuild will Invest in acquired studios to develop existing and new IP and continue to seek new partnerships with high-quality development studios across the world.


At the same time, it will expand and maintain a symbiotic relationship with streamers and influencers, and remaining at the cutting edge of video games marketing whilst capitalising on the momentum of new and existing social media channels.    

2. Franchise model expansion

The Hello Neighbor IP serves as a blueprint for expanding a game into a multi-title franchise.


The franchising model results in longer game lifecycles and monetisation opportunities.


3. Multimedia model expansion

Multimedia licensing has proved to be a successful means of increasing and maintaining audience numbers with the Hello Neighbor franchise.


Multimedia products are also marketing and customer engagement tools whichcan also generate revenue themselves.


All existing multimedia projects are low budget relative to the Group’s scale, ensuring that they remain low risk.

4. Acquisitions

Acquisition of strategic development studios, with a focus on existing partners where tinyBuild has built a working relationship with the development team. The Directors will also consider opportunities to acquire non-partner studios.


Tinybuild will also seek to acquire additional service providers to bolster tinyBuild’s service offering to developers, ensuring tinyBuild continues to be a competitive publishing partner and has the tools to assist developers to produce the best games.


The acquisition strategy will be centred around a low-risk approach.