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Our purpose

tinyBuild recognises the importance of doing business responsibly. We aim to reduce any adverse impacts of our operations and of those with whom we do business, in particular our community of developers, on the environment. tinyBuild is committed to eliminating waste and operating as sustainably as possible.
In conducting our business and operations, the Company is dedicated to employee wellbeing and personal development, providing equal opportunities for all staff. tinyBuild operates ethically across the various jurisdictions in which it does business, including enforcing the highest data protection standards to ensure our customers’ privacy.


tinyBuild aims to reduce energy use across its operations to contribute to carbon reduction and limits the use of harmful materials, such as single-use plastics 
Our primary distribution method is digital, with only a small share of our games released on a physical disc.  Games are compressed to ensure players are not wasting energy through lengthy downloads.
Our offices around the world operate to the highest possible environmental standards. Like many businesses, we encourage flexible working, which reduces the need for travel. As a business, we make full use of video conferencing facilities to remove the need for physical meetings unless necessary.


tinyBuild aims to offer employees the best working conditions in the industry and is committed to providing equal opportunities for all its staff
tinyBuild’s workforce comprises employees of many different nationalities, underlying the Company’s belief in having a diverse representation of cultures as the best way to deliver the most engaging products to our players.
To protect the welfare of its staff, tinyBuild has implemented policies against ‘crunching’, the industry practice by which developers overwork to meet certain targets. In addition, in response to the pressures caused by the pandemic, tinyBuild gifted one extra week of holiday to all direct employees as a gesture of appreciation for everybody's hard work.
As a result, tinyBuild enjoys one of the lowest levels of staff turnover in the industry, currently in the low single digits, compared to an estimated 15.5.% at an industry level.


tinyBuild aims to work to the highest standards of governance and functions ethically in the territories it operates across the world.
tinyBuild’s games provide players with an exciting and fun experience that can be shared with other gamers worldwide. Players are always aware of what they are buying, and steps are taken to ensure the material is age appropriate, and that there are no ‘hidden costs’ such as loot boxes.
Privacy and security of data are of paramount concern, which is secured by adherence to appropriate legislation such as GDPR.  Furthermore, where our players engage with each other through online gaming platforms, we aim to ensure that this is a positive interaction.
As a listed company, tinyBuild believes in strong corporate governance and has adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code.

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